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Tal Vaknin is an internationally acclaimed singer and composer of Jewish pop and soul music. Tal is known especially for his amazing vocal abilities and his success among all different streams of Jewish audiences both in Israel and abroad. Born in Jerusalem, and son of musical cantorial parent, Tal was discovered at an early age as a musical prodigy child. Tal continued to wow audiences in concerts up until he joined the IDF. During his service in the IDF he performed in the Israeli Army band at bases all around the country. 


Following the Army, Tal became a wedding singer and began performing his own unique Jewish hits. He quickly became a sought-after singer and began to perform in concerts and festivals for Chabad Israel and in communities all over the USA and Europe.  


In 2008 he released along with singer Yossi Azulay  the album "Prayers" which later became a smashing success. 

In 2009 Tal founded the known Radio station Galey Yisrael along with “Lehakat Darom” and served as the Music director of the station. During his radio career Tal met with many industry executives and hosted many famous Israeli singers and personalities. 

In 2010 Tal recorded the second prayer album with Yosi Azulai and it too was well received.

In 2011 Tal founded the childrens choir “Musikids” which performed at shows and events, and were débuted on Israeli channel 24. 

In the summer of 2012 Tal was invited to perform for the Israel Day Concert at the Summer stage in Central Park NYC. Accompanied by a 12 piece orchestra, Tal performed to an energized audience of 25,000 people. Later on that year Tal performed together with Israeli Super Star Gad Elbaz in the prestigious “Heychal Hatarbut”.

In 2013 Tal released his  first single “Aneni Bashirim” written by singer Kobi Aflalo. The song was number one on the charts for 6 consecutive weeks and became an instant hit in the religious sector in Israel. Media First rated it as the top 10 most played songs.

The song was also released as a music video produced by Nartivi Corp and directed by Yoav Tepler and Liran Segal. Later that year Tal released his next Single “Neshama”

A few months later he released another single called Neshama which he wrote along with Barak Elisha. A music video was released on Youtube, followed by an appearance on the Yishi Lapidot show together with musikids choir. That song along with many others were sung in Johannesburg for kids with terminal illnesses.

In 2016 Tal together with Israeli Superstar Gad Elbaz released a music video duet “Emunah” (Faith) in English. The music video has more then half a million views, which was composed by Tal Vaknin. The impactful lyrics were written by the 16 year old Jherin Ester Gorcey A’H, who wrote these remarkable lyrics just a few days before her passing.

The music video was directed by Danny Finkelman of Sparks Next and produced by Zvika Bornstein. 

Later that year Tal performed with famous opera singer Andreas Bocelli, and performed at UJA Federation's Walk with Israel in the US and Canada. 

Tal is loved by his many fans and industry professionals. He is now working on a new Album. Stay tuned!

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